My passion is to see your manuscript grow into the best book possible. My goal is to help you change lives.

I won't lie. I have an abnormal love for books. Ask my husband and children about the walls and shelves filled with them. My favorite perfume is eau du bibliothèque (library).

I also have a love for words—the right words at the right time, words that penetrate the heart and emotions. Everything about words—their poetry, their expression, the way they link into powerful sentences.

But words by themselves are never enough. Their language must be right for the audience. Their underlying concepts must be full of sensory detail. The spaces around them and between them must be full of that same unspoken energy that makes you know immediately what your mother means by that hand on her hip or the danger in her eyes.

From the time my father gave me a love for poetry, my teachers an insatiable appetite for understanding the mysterious workings of story, and my peers their appreciation for my editing and guidance, I have known that this is my fulfilling work.

You, too, have a great work to accomplish. Whether it is your story, someone else's story, or a message related to the greatest love story of all, I will be honored to accompany you on the journey.


Kelli Sallman is a freelance editor, writer, and writing coach, specializing in fiction and narrative nonfiction, as well as inspirational and religious nonfiction. She graduated top of her class at Texas Christian University with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature (1994) that included an editing internship with TCU Press. She was also named the Outstanding Senior in Liberal Arts.

Kelli earned her Master of Theology degree with honors from Dallas Theological Seminary, with a concentration in Media Arts in Ministry (2010). She served as a graduate teaching assistant for several of the creative writing and writing for publication courses at DTS while pursuing higher studies in creative writing at the University of Texas at Dallas, and she has freelanced as editor and writer and writing coach for nearly two decades.

With several writing credits to her name, Kelli enjoys the process of helping other writers find their unique voice and story. She uses her teaching and editing skills to coach writers to improve their craft and bring their stories to fruition, and her knowledge of the traditional and self-publishing industries to help authors create platforms, get published, and get heard.

Story expert. Book shepherd. Writing coach.

Let her start helping you reach that publishing dream today.